Our Specialisation

We believe in providing the best results at reduced costs.

Small business websites

Nowdays, every business whether it is on large scale or small is been recognized on internet. So, Logibits offers plentiful of web based applications that codes your mind ideas. We here have a professional team to focus on the requirements of our customers.

Complete online shops

E commerce,the portals designed for making all of the trades through internet. From the business point of view,E commerce platforms have become the biggest time savers.

We too are part of E commerce as we give services in developing such CMSs and platforms so you can deleiver a great user shopping experience.

WordPress Themes

Wordpress is one of the most famous open source Content Management System(CMS). We have made projects with hundreds of wordpress themes and applied wide range of plugins.

Our team has quite flexibility in streching out the functionality of wordpress.